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Familyslifestyle™ Ice Cube Maker

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Enjoy a 2-in-1 elegant drink bottle and Ice Cube Maker, creating perfectly spherical shaped ice, perfect for both an exclusive dining experience and any old picnic. 

Simple To Use

Twist the bottle cap to open. Pour in a liquid of your choice. Close the cap. Freeze. Remove bottle from freezer. Allow to sit for 2-3 minutes. Pull the handles on each side to release ice cube balls. Enjoy!

Space Saving & Spill Proof

Gone are the days when you needed to clear freezer shelves to place your ice cube trays on a flat surface - and all the messy puddles that came along with it. Now you can pop the sealed bottle in the freezer in any position and wait for cool results!

Hygienic & Odor Free

The Ice Cube Maker is hygienic with no need to break apart the ice by hand as with ice cube trays. This also spares you from handling sticky ice cubes. Plus, because the bottle is completely sealed, it avoids absorbing any freezer odor.

Crack Resistant Material

The Ice-Cube Maker is made of durable silicone material available in a variety of colors. It won't crack like the ice cube trays you are familiar with. And it's dishwasher friendly too!


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