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Familyslifestyle™ Squeezy Spoon Bottle

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A Spillage Proof Squeezable Bottle!

The all-in-one Squeezy Spoon Bottle is the perfect method of feeding for your newborn. From our no mess anti-spill clip to an added teething solution this product has all the necessary boundaries and benefits for your baby. We pride ourselves on designing our products to perfectly suite your motherly methods.

Anti-Spill Clip!

Our Squeezy Spoon Bottle has an anti-spill clip to compensate for a messy baby. Who are we kidding? All babies are messy babies and we're here to help you survive your new way of life as a mother. Despite the squeezy nature of the bottle it is also designed to stand up right leaving little room for a living room wreck. 

Carry Me Anywhere!

With the squeezy bottle being less than a meter long and holding up to ninety milliliters it is the perfect travel companion for a fussy child. Is a certain someone chucking a fit in the supermarket or hairdresser? Grab the Squeezy Spoon Bottle out of your hand bag and get to work!

Measure Your Portions

With the squeeze function of the bottle you can accurately measure how much you wish to dispense on the spoon. This is put in place to avoid the catastrophe of choking and to teach polite table manners which is much easier in smaller portions. 

Teething time already?

The food-grade silicone spoon is soft yet firm for your little miracle to gnaw on. It's a non-toxic blend that helps relieve teething discomfort while massaging your baby's

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